Nursery Corner OLD CC04 Giessegi

  • Bedroom in Ponte with cabinet Corner

Bedroom in Ponte with cabinet Corner

For about the right combination of aesthetics and technology of this model's room on Giessegi measure will be able to give complex projects of great impact for your home. Wanted, the model's room in wood and lacquered Giessegi ally a mood, ensures the excellence of Giessegi brand. The proposal's room in wood and lacquer finish Giessegi offers valuable customization ideas for your home. Libert and different solutions to the same stylistic dimension: the wooden model and lacquered Giessegi proposed shapes, colors and design ideas to create creatively their home interiors. Modularity of modules and rich supply of materials make this model's room tailored Giessegi the right choice to decorate your home interior in the style of each.

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