Two Twin bedroom in Room 01 of Battistella Nests

  • Two-bedroom Beds with Desk

Two-bedroom Beds with Desk

This model in wood and lacquered, among the company's room Battistella Nests, thanks to the wide range of finishes available, will transform any room into a stylish space to live and produce. If you want to customize the habitat's room with custom wood and lacquer, this model the best proposal for your home. A current proposal and exclusive between Camerette Battistella Nests bespoke tailoring a project conceived in liberty to design the decoration of their living spaces. The model's room in wood and lacquer company Battistella nests that we show you, marked by a personal design and was developed to open unprecedented horizons of functionality for children. This proposal allows to perfectly customize the interior of the house and make good use of shape and size of rooms depending on the most special requests.

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