Built-in kitchen of Arrex Sveva

  • Ash kitchen with Top Sasso

Ash kitchen with Top Sasso

We propose a high design value at an angle product, designed by Arrex with first care of details, forms and materials. If you want furniture for the kitchen in classical style, which combine technology and aesthetic value to the environment most loved, proposals for Arrex meet your taste. It compliments your taste and your needs with a kitchen environment Arrex, synonymous with professionalism and reliability. The extensive collection of components of this line will allow you to compose the kitchen environment as space requires creating a comfortable furnishing project and to great effect. The proposed Kitchens Arrex in wood finish will be able to ensure a variety of possibilities for a customization to the centimeter. Among the Arrex kitchens in classic style, this product can become a presence characterizing the environment and is distinguished by unique design, quality materials and new solutions.

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