Equipped wall Suspended Box 18 Novamobili

  • Equipped with wall Lacquered Gray Library

Equipped with wall Lacquered Gray Library

The configurations which modules of this example of wall units are able to emphasize the style of each home stays. If you are seeking items that can decorate any interior and stays in style, this proposed Novamobili is for you. The example of equipped walls in lacquered wood finish that will provide è a good investment if you want a furniture made to last. Modernityà ;, functionalityà ;, safety characterize the wall units lacquered wood for stays Novamobili. The Novamobili compositions customize design style your stays thanks to their abilityà to characterize the spaces in an innovative way. Get to know our shop where you will find all the new furniture for the living-quality 26-agrave; Novamobili excellent signing. The example of wall systems in the Novamobili lacquer meets the taste più consumers; intransigent.

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