Linear Nova Kitchens Kitchen

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Kitchen fenix

Kitchen brand Nova linear kitchens with concealed handles all at Fenix u200bu200btaupe color material is that material plane doors resistant to scratches, bumps and blemishes and repairable. Price is EXCLUDING APPLIANCES. Only the built-in hood and roof& # 39; included. The kitchen can& # 39; easily edit as needed at no extra charge since& # 39; on the plane they have not yet been made the holes for the sink and the hob. Depth& # 39; cm.68 of the plan. Total cm.363 kitchen size. You can even make wanting the new additions (for example to make a corner etc.). The wall units have a& # 39; maxi height cm.96. Including always backrest rear floor in Fenix u200bu200bmaterial that replaces any piastrelle.  The gorges and lacquered gift socket matching the ante. The structure of the base measure cm.87 instead& # 39; 72 cm with two shelves instead& # 39; one (the plinth has a fact& # 39; cm.6 riabassato height). Possibility& # 39; Shipping throughout Italy and abroad.

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