Rectangular table Mirandola

€ 1500,00

€ 880,00

Discount -41%

Wooden table

Mirandola brand promotion table in solid wood brushed spruce and tratato stain. This table is can& # 39; have in different sizes and colors. The price of& # 39; announcement means for measuring 140 cm x 90 extendable up to 200 cm. The extensions are telescopic so always all& # 39; extremity& # 39; the table. The measures that you may have are as follows: 90x90 (extendable up to 140 cm), 120x90 (extendable up to cm.170), 160x90 (extendable up to cm.260), 180x90 (extendable up to cm.280). With normal stretches you can& # 39; have also insofar 120x80 (extendable up to cm.170), 140x80 (extendable up to cm.190), 180x100 (allunagbile up to 150 cm), 200x100 (allunagbile up to 150 cm), 248x100 (extendable up to cm .150), 140x140 (extendable up to cm.190), 120x120 (extendable up to cm.170). We can also make outsized at customer request. Possibility& # 39; Shipping throughout Italy and abroad.

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